Partnerships have gained favor in Thoroughbred Racing circles.

Easy: You can share the cost and enjoy the benefits of the sport of kings without the high costs of individual ownership.

Ok, but what is the downside?
Partnerships charge high management fees and the monthly costs can be exorbitant. This cancels out the benefits mentioned above. Many of the leading partnerships win big races but partners reap no monetary benefits. We feel this is wrong and strive to create partnerships that can allow partners to make money.

How am I different?
I offer a partnership unlike any other. I can manage every aspect for you and your group. I will find the horses, select trainers and deal with all the details. You are free to have fun. I receive a share of the horse, and a % of winnings, but charge only miniscule management fees. I work with a general partner from your group, going over bills, and explaining things along the way. As web development is one of our services, we also build your partnership a website to allow partners to stay up to date at all times!
So you are free to have fun, the way racing should be!